Jerry Lawler wrestled shortly before his heart attack

Jay Busbee
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On Monday night in Montreal, WWE wrestler/announcer/legend Jerry Lawler collapsed during a broadcast, a victim of a heart attack. He was administered CPR backstage, transported to a nearby medical facility, and at last report was responsive and breathing on his own.

Multiple reports indicate that Lawler is currently in stable condition. His ex-wife Stacy "The Kat" Carter indicated on Twitter Tuesday morning that Lawler had a stent and balloon inserted, presumably to widen narrowed arteries. More updates on Lawler as information becomes available.

Not long before his collapse, however, Lawler was actually wrestling, teaming with Randy Orton against CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler:

While it's irresponsible to speculate on the causes of Lawler's collapse, it's safe to say that most 62-year-old men aren't throwing around wrestlers half their age, as Lawler does in the opening seconds of the video above.

Lawler is, of course, a wrestling legend, a fighter who brawled his way up from Memphis throwdowns to worldwide celebrity. He's best known outside of wrestling circles for his "feud" with the late comedian Andy Kaufman, a years-long war of words and fists that culminated in this television-landmark appearance on David Letterman's old show:

Lawler later revealed that the entire "fight" was a setup, a goof on both Letterman and wrestling audiences that, even to this day, looks too real to be fake.

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