From Jenn Sterger to Katherine Webb, Brent Musburger has a slightly creepy Midas touch

Jay Busbee
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So Katherine Webb has gone from Alabama personality to nationwide sensation, thanks to her spotlight during Monday night's National Championship game. And while Brent Musburger has apologized for his rather intense focus on her, the fact remains: Webb's camera time vaulted her into the pop-culture stratosphere with a speed and reach she'd never have attained otherwise.

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All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again: Katherine Webb, meet Jenn Sterger, the Katherine Webb of 2005. See if this sounds familiar: TV camera scans crowd, finds attractive woman, Musberger comments ... magic:

Webb saw her Twitter followers rocket from four to six figures almost instantly, and she drew the attention of pretty much everyone from Twitter stalkers to LeBron James. Sterger? Well, she parlayed her three seconds of camera time into an ongoing career, from Sports Illustrated columnist to magazine model to on-air personality. She too received attention from a famous top-of-his-profession athlete; in Sterger's case, it was Brett Favre who sent her text messages (and, allegedly, a few images too).

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So, congratulations on your newfound fame, Ms. Webb. Careful with those cell-phone come-ons, though. And we'll lay odds that someone's pitching a "Brent's Babes" reality show right this very moment.

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