Idiot ruins Wilson Kipsang’s record-breaking moment at end of Berlin Marathon

Kevin Kaduk
Yahoo! Sports Blogs

Kenyan runner Wilson Kipsang shattered the world record time for the marathon on Sunday, completing the Berlin Marathon in two hours, three minutes and 23 seconds. The time was so good that it broke the previous record by 15 seconds.

Kipsang's moment of triumph, however, was ruined when a man wearing a t-shirt promoting a prostitution website jumped onto the course and broke the tape before Kipsang could. (Yahoo Sports has blacked out the name of the website in the photo above.)

It was reported on Monday that the unidentified man was apprehended and charged with trespassing by Berlin police. He has been banned from all future events.

It's unclear exactly how the man gained access to the course, but he certainly showed how shallow any claims of heightened security in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings were. It's a shame the race couldn't guarantee Kipsang a solitary moment of triumph.

h/t: Extra Mustard

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