Hunter catches bird one-handed … or sure seems like he does, anyway

Hunter snags bird out of the air. And, jaded world in which we live, we're all immediately thinking FAKE. FAKE. FAAAAAAAKE. The fact that the video is a promo for a book, "The Real Win," ups the suspicion factor. But then again, "The Real Win" is about finding success with the Bible as a guide, and while the Bible did not explicitly forbid you from passing off doctored videos as real, the intention is probably there. This is either brilliantly faked — and we're open to suggestions as to how it could be done — or that's one idiot bird who deserved to be caught.

Of note: involved in the project (and present in the video) is one Colt McCoy, San Francisco 49ers quarterback and possessor of the single greatest Texas football name in history.

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[Via Deadspin and Bob's Blitz]

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