Horse throws rider, goes on to win race at Belmont

Strike a blow for the forces of horse freedom! In the sixth race at Belmont on Wednesday, Downtown Hottie, age 6, decided she'd had quite enough of The Man holding her down all these years, whipping her back end and telling her which way to turn and how fast to run. So she dumped his sorry behind, and as so often happens in these situations, she was the better for it, as she went on win (sort of) the race. Presumably she received plenty of attagirls from her fellow mares in the stable, who watched with envy as she ascended into the sunlight.

Alas, perhaps the success went to Downtown Hottie's head, as she did not consent to be interviewed after the race. Shame; she could have served as a shining example to others to throw off their own burdens. Let Downtown Hottie inspire you, friends, to toss your own nagging little jockey on your back and run for the roses ... or whatever you win at Belmont on a weekday afternoon.

In the end, though, The Man had his revenge. The announcer declined to mention Downtown Hottie, the camera kept her almost completely out of view, and the final tally had her disqualified, since, for some reason, the rider apparently has to stay atop the horse for a real win to count. Ain't that always the way?

[Crack o' the whip to Deadspin for the link.]

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