Father’s Day photo gallery: Pictures of fathers and sons at the same age

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We've all seen the photos of Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning standing side-by-side at an event, or Howie Long watching from a Fox studio as his son, Chris, plays for the St. Louis Rams. But how did these father-son combinations look when they were the same age?

Our friends at Snakkle put together a photo gallery of before and after shots of some of the most famous athletic family combinations in sports history. A few are spitting images of their father at that age. Others gene pools must have been deeper on mom's side.

Archie and Peyton and Eli Manning

The Archie-Peyton-Eli stories are chronicled so much on ESPN that it's surprising the network hasn't started airing Thanksgiving dinners from the Manning house. Yet we don't see the Archie in high school photo too much. News flash: He looks pretty much the same and is quite clearly Eli and Peyton's father.

Dale and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always had a softer look than his late father but the resemblance is clear in these elementary school pictures.

Howie and Chris Long

Throw Howie in a $3,000 suit and some designer eyeware and he'd look no different in 2012 as he did during his Oakland Raiders heyday.

Cecil and Prince Fielder

The only clear sign that Cecil is on the left and Prince is on the right is the use of color in the younger Fielder's picture. That and a smile.

Visit Snakkle.com for more before-after photos of families sports fathers and sons.

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