Duke track team gets all Backstreet Boys for end-of-year video

Your opinion on Duke University is likely carved into granite, and has been for years. Institution of honor and achievement or collection of entitled whiners? Depends on whether they accepted your application, most likely. Anyway, this video, courtesy of the men's track team, isn't likely to change any opinions.

The team, which dubbed itself the "Trackstreet Boys," performed a lip-sync version of the '90s hit "I Want It That Way," featuring shots all over campus of meaningful looks, old buildings and screaming coeds. It's fun, goofy stuff, the kind of thing the rest of us watching this from cubicles wish we still had time to do.

Their parents and bros probably love the fact that they paid tribute to a song from their youth with not-completely-terrible choreography. The rest of the planet wonders why they played it (almost) completely straight and chose a song that makes white bread seem edgy. Though that athletic facility does look pretty sweet.

[Via For the Win]

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