How does this four-posts-and-out soccer miss compare with sports’ worst?

Check out this video of Greek soccer player Egeas Plomariou (yes, THAT Egeas Plomariou) with one of the most painful misses you'll ever see. Not often that a ball hits the post four times going in, is it?

Here's our question. How does that miss compare to some of the great misses in sports history?

We start with an agonizing one from Augusta. In 1989, Scott Hoch faced a two-foot putt to win the Masters. What did he do? Well, you can probably guess:

Hoch would go on to lose in the next playoff hole, but at least he'd have a chance to redeem himself. For Scott Norwood, it was one miss, the most famous in NFL history, and out:

Also bad (and painful): Matt Holliday's drop of a routine fly ball in Game 2 of the 2009 NLDS that allowed the Dodgers to come back and win the game (and later the series). Here's a horrible song about what happened. Here's another. Hearing those is more painful than watching Holliday take a fly ball to the cup.

Speaking of painful, just last year, I.K. Kim had a one-foot putt to win the Kraft Nabisco Championship. One foot. That's it. And, well:

This Appalachian State free throw didn't exactly sway the game, but sweet heaven, is it awful:

How about some hockey? Trying to shoot past a goalie is tough work. So why not remove the goalie? Easy, right? Not if you're Patrick Stefan:

Back to the world of soccer ... check this atrocious shoulda-let-it-roll-in miss:

But of course, no compilation of famous misses would be complete without this classic. All at once now: "Behind the bag!"

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