Celebrities ran the Boston Marathon, and here's how they finished

Thousands Finish Boston Marathon A Year After Bombing

Celebrities! They're just like us, only better! They run marathons and everything!

Monday marked a historic Boston Marathon, and many Boston-oriented celebrities made sure to lace up their shoes and hit the pavement. Here are the finishing times of some notable figures.

Summer Sanders: This isn't exactly a shock given that Sanders is an four-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer, but still: running a marathon in 3:25:35 is a fine achievement.

Tedy Bruschi: Former Patriot and three-time Super Bowl champion Bruschi didn't need to run a marathon to endear himself to Beantown, but he did so anyway, finishing in 4:47:44.

Doug Flutie: The Patriots/Boston College quarterback finished the race in 5:23:54. That's impressive enough. Now consider the fact that he apparently just woke up one morning over the weekend and decided to do it. That's impressive.

Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre: The once-and-future New Kids on the Block finished only about two minutes apart, with McIntyre finishing at 3:48:11 and Wood at 3:50:00. Presumably they did not do so in choreographed fashion. Here's fellow NKOTB'er and actor Donnie Wahlberg cheering on his mates and his brother James:

Your move, N'Sync.

You're not going to let these celebs hog all the glory, are you? Get out there and practice for the 2015 marathon!

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