Behold the legendary volleyball triple six-pack!

Jay Busbee
Yahoo! Sports Blogs

In volleyball terms, a "six-pack" is when you get hit in the face by a spiked ball so hard that you're left dizzy ... you know, as if you'd just downed a six-pack of beer. What we have here is that rarest of beasts: the volleyball triple-six-pack.

Our scene: a match in Germany's volleyball Bundesliga, or national league. VfB Friedrichshafen (in white) and Berlin Recycling Volleys (in orange) were playing a semifinal match in Friedrichshafen. This was the third match in a best-of-five series, and Berlin was about to put the finishing touches on a 3-0 match rout when Friedrichshafen uncorked this ... what would "triple-six-pack" translate to in German? Pay attention to the player in white in the lower left of the frame, then watch the ball pinball around the court like a rocket-propelled billiard ball.

Anyway, Berlin got over its humiliation and won not only the next attempt at match point and the match, but would go on to win the championship as well. Embarrassment is easier to take with a title in hand, yes?

[Thanks to markleb8]

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