Arms dealer: Check out the guns on this weightlifter

Holy sweet mother of heaven, check out those arms. That's not a gun show, that's a gun world tour.

The proud possessor of those twin slabs of muscle and brawn is Egyptian weightlifter Moustafa Ismail. His biceps are 31 inches around, enough to draw the attention of the Guinness World Records ... for both good and ill.

Check out a shot of Ismail in action here:

To keep in shape, according to The Daily Mail, Ismail must down seven pounds of protein, nine pounds of carbs and three gallons of water each day, and puts in two three-hour workouts each day. His typical diet includes four pounds of chicken, two pounds of steak or fish, four cups of almonds, and three liters of protein shakes. Critics have contended that his, shall we say, disproportionate arms are the result of steroids or some other unnatural additive, but Ismail insists he is clean.

Ismail, 24, began lifting in Alexandria, Egypt, and has since moved to a Boston suburb. His arms put him on Guinness' radar, which offered to fly him to London to appear with the world's shortest woman and other distinctive individuals.

That set off the critics, which insisted that Ismail must have used either steroids, implants, or a synthetic oil such as Synthol to boost the apparent size of muscle tissue. Ismail has countered that he has no money for oils, no scars from surgery, and a Japanese television program tested him and found no abnormalities. See the results for yourself:

Guinness has, for the moment, severed its connection with Ismail until it can determine conclusively that Ismail's arms are the result of natural and ethical workout practices.

Ismail, for his part, says he'll use the criticism as motivation, and insists that his frame is the result of natural practices. Regardless, if nothing else he has a bright future as a bouncer ahead.

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