Serena was hospitalized for two days during initial clot scare

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that Serena Williams' initial health scare landed her in the hospital for two days in mid-Feburary. After returning to LA from New York, Serena went to the hospital, where doctors discovered a pulmonary embolism. She was admitted on Feb. 19 and left the next day.

During that time she wrote the above Tweet and asked her followers to "pray incessantly."

Ten days later, of course, Serena underwent an emergency procedure to remove a hematoma and is now resting at home.

There's not much known about the story beyond that and it's likely to stay that way. Serena has always been tight-lipped about her health issues (her recent foot problems are a prime example) and the fact that she was able to hide a two-day hospital stay in the paparrazi capital of the United States demonstrates how effective she and her team are at staying out of the limelight when interested.

Though speculation has been rampant about how Serena developed the clot, the timetable of her recovery and even whether she'll ever play again, the conjecture is meaningless if nobody inside the Williams camp is talking. Doctors with no ties to the situation are reliable sources to explain the causes, risk factors and treatments of blood clots, but without knowing the specifics of Serena's case, it's irresponsible to speculate on her situation.

Get well soon, Serena.

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