Young lashes out at USTA for perceived snub in profane Tweet

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Donald Young is the eighth-ranked player in the United States and No. 95 worldwide. He's 2-11 all time in Grand Slams and has a 16-48 career record in ATP matches. Because of this mediocre resume, the 21-year-old former "can't miss kid" evidently thinks he's entitled to special treatment by the USTA.

The Chicago native tweeted an angry message over the weekend at the USTA after tennis' governing body in America failed to award him a wild card into the French Open:

According to's Matt Cronin, Young's team requested the wild card after Young won the Tallahassee Challenger last week. The USTA, which already had a six-man wild-card playoff set up later in the week, denied the request. Young would go on to lose in the final of that event and then filed his profane tweet.

He later took down his Twitter account and apologized for his language, but not his sentiment.

Young's low standing in American tennis makes his expectations of special treatment delusional, at best. It's like if I went into Carol Bartz's office and demanded stock options or if one of the extras from "Avatar" petitioned James Cameron for a leading role in the sequel. Young had a great junior career, winning the Australian Open junior event in 2005, but it hasn't translated into the pros.

Incidents like this make it easy to understand why. Why would the USTA cancel a planned tournament with five other people just because Donald Young won a challenger event? He's a bigger name than Robert Kendrick and Michael Russell, but a quick glance of the rankings shows both those guys are ahead of Young.

If you want in to Roland Garros, work your way into the tournament. And if you're not good enough to do that, then the only person you should be complaining to is yourself.

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