Wozniacki, Federer, Serena shine at NYC's biggest fashion show

Thanks to fortuitous U.S. Open scheduling, Roger Federer and Caroline Wozniacki were able to attend Tuesday night's Vogue Show at Lincoln Center. And, along with Serena Williams (whose schedule is wide open), the tennis stars looked the part, making the leap from the court to the runway with ease.

Wozniacki has a little January Jones going here, no?

Elegance, thy name is Serena. The last few times we've seen Serena dressed up, the clothing was like a mix of Eartha Kitt and Pebbles from "The Flinstones." At Fashion's Night Out she looked stunning, but in a good way.

Can you imagine Rafael Nadal at one of these things hobknobbing with Gossip Girls? Neither can I.

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