Woman snatches shirt from young Novak Djokovic fan (video)

Chris Chase

Rafael Nadal wasn't the only person who left Rod Laver Arena disappointed on Monday morning.

As Novak Djokovic was changing clothes for the awards ceremony following his record-breaking Australian Open win over Rafael Nadal, he walked over to the crowd and tossed his shirt to a young fan. At least, that's what he intended to do. His throw ended up being intercepted by a middle-aged woman who showed no remorse for grabbing the sweaty memento away from a teenager.

Hey lady, just because you call for it doesn't mean it's yours. You're like the 40-year-old man who catches a foul ball over an elementary school student at a baseball game. For shame! (But between you and that ballboy, you could make a pretty good defensive backfield.)

I have to admit though, I'm reluctant to fully blame the interceptor because Djokovic bears partial responsibility. Giving a souvenir to a young fan is always appreciated. Yet if anyone in the crowd needed a new shirt, it was clearly this guy: