Wimbledon Twitter feed mistakenly thought Maria Sharapova lost first set

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

A prematurely written tweet on Wimbledon's official feed and a stray click of the keyboard led 268,000 Twitter followers to believe that Maria Sharapova had lost the first set on Wednesday's second-round match against Tsvetana Pironkova.

As Sharapova was saving four set points against the Bulgarian grass-court killer, the official Wimbledon feed accidentally sent out a message heralding Pironkova's win.

@Wimbledon: Pironkova's up to her old tricks again. She's taken the 1st set against Sharapova. Is there going to be another upset?

It's not hard to picture how it went down. Someone wrote the tweet as Pironkova played her first set point, intent on hitting "Enter" immediately after she won the point. An accidental click, followed by sheer panic and terror, probably followed.

Whoever runs the account deleted the erroneous tweet almost immediately. But instead of acting like the mistake never happened, the Wimbledon account responded to multiple followers who called out the error and apologized for the mistake. That was a stand up move.

We can relate to accidentally hitting "send" after pre-writing. Check out the URL on this post we wrote during the first round of the French Open.

Sharapova went on to win the set 7-6. She led 3-1 in the second before darkness halted the match.

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