Wimbledon tells Roger Federer to leave the new Nikes at home

Roger Federer was only on the court for 68 minutes on Monday, but that was long enough for Wimbledon's Powers That Be to decide his orange-soled shoes don't pass muster for the tournament. As a result, the All England Club has ordered the seven-time Wimbledon champion to change his shoes for his Wednesday match.

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The club requires players to don all white, and permits only the smallest modifications to that template. Federer's bright orange soles ran afoul of that requirement, according to the Daily Mail, which suggested that Serena Williams may have received similar orders.

Federer is paid an estimated $10 million a year by Nike, which outfits him in a different set of scripted attire each tournament. Manufacturers must submit their proposed designs to the All England Club at least 90 days before the tournament begins. However, footwear often isn't included in that scripting.

Obviously, a player's shoes are one of the most important components of his or her game. But we're fairly certain that a) Federer can come up with a compliant pair and b) he could play in shoeboxes, wooden clogs or bare feet and still make the semifinals.

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