Watch Novak Djokovic on ’60 Minutes’

Chris Chase

All through the second weekend of the NCAA tournament, CBS hyped its Novak Djokovic segment on Sunday's "60 Minutes." It was worth the wait. Though the 15-minute feature breaks little new ground for tennis fans, Bob Simon's piece has some good quotes, old videos and touching stories of Djokovic's life in Serbia.

1. "Where did this clown come from?"

2. The Wimbledon replica trophy is tiny. He looks like a giant holding a can of soda.

3. Young Novak appears on Serbian TV and looks like a Serbian Fred Savage.

4. Umbros!

5. In public, Djokovic always carries a brave, detached attitude about the bombings of Serbia. I'd imagine that's what you have to do when answering questions about such a frightening time. When he goes back to the apartment building that served as his home during the bombing campaign and visits the basement's bomb shelter, you see some rare vulnerability from Nole. It's affecting stuff.

6. The Sharapova/Nadal imitations at the '07 US Open: Still funny. On why he stopped doing it: "I don't want to get [Nadal] offended twice," he said.

7. The whole piece is good, but the final 60 seconds are great.