Watch Andy Murray and Caroline Wozniacki hit two of the worst serves you’ll ever see

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

The first Grand Slam of the season brings a lot of things. It gives us the perennial favorite for the season, it shows us the up-and-comer for the year and sometimes it shows us that rust can be a problem in mid-January even for the best.

Examples of the latter could be these two serves from two of the top names in the game that happened during the first week of the Australian Open. Caroline Wozniacki was bounced in the third round, but that wasn't before the No. 10 seed hit a serve that almost didn't even touch the bottom of the net during her second round win over Christina McHale.

The next came from Andy Murray, one of the favorites on the men's draw and also the man that hit a serve that nearly landed in the grandstands during his third round win over Feliciano Lopez.

Both serves were perfect example that no matter how good you are, or how much you practice, sometimes it's just going to be as ugly as when you first started the game.

It also reminds us that even the best in the world can hit shots that make us shake our heads and think, "Even we could do that!"

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