Washington Kastles top Los Angeles Lakers’ consecutive wins streak! Wait, what?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your Washington Kastles, the most dominant team in pro sports history! Better than the Patriots! Better than the Yankees! Better than the Lakers! Really!

Wait, hold on. Before we lose ourselves in the heaping helpings of hype (too late), let's take a step back. The Washington Kastles are a team in the World Team Tennis league. The Washington Kastles just won their 34th straight game, beating the 1971-72 Lakers' streak of 33. Hence, the overheated prose of the first paragraph.

All right, fine, we can understand if you don't buy in on the hype. After all, even though the eight-team WTT is in its 38th season, it's more akin to a minor-league baseball franchise than an elite-level pro team. Each event features five matches (men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles). Established stars, from Venus Williams to Andy Roddick, will pop in and play for a game or two. The WTT's entire season takes place over three weeks in July. And, well, chances are you've probably never heard of it.

Even so, 34 straight wins is a heck of an achievement, and even the Lakers recognized the magnitude of the moment.

''Winning 33 consecutive games was an amazing accomplishment by our 1971-72 Lakers team, as evidenced by the fact that no other team has come close to reaching it for over 40 years now,'' said Lakers exec Jeannie Buss, who was involved with the league in the '70s, in a written statement. ''On behalf of the Buss family and the Lakers family, I want to congratulate the Washington Kastles, their players, and our good friends (WTT co-founder) Billie Jean King and (WTT Commissioner) Ilana Kloss on this milestone accomplishment of theirs.''

And the Kastles have enough juice to get a meeting with President Obama, too:

The Kastles are two-time defending league champions, and haven't lost since 2010. Martina Hingis is this year's marquee player, though both Venus and Serena Williams have been associated with the team in the past.

So, congrats to the Washington Kastles, who've cracked the code for how to play team sports right. Even better, nobody's trying to get them to change their name.

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