Video: Novak Djokovic almost took out a ball boy during his five set win

A tennis ball can be one of two things. Tossed around the house, it's a light, soft alternative to something heavy that might do some serious damage if your brother or buddy doesn't have the best hands. Smoked at 130 miles per hour, it can really cause some damage to any part of your body (just image the welts you used to have from wallball and multiple them by 50).

On Sunday, as Novak Djokovic was in a heated five-set match with Stanislas Wawrinka and during the fourth set tiebreaker couldn't make solid contact with a Wawrinka serve. The result? A near decapitation of one of the poor ball boys.

The ball brushed the front of the kid's face and true to Australian form, the boy barely blinked, staying in position for the next point. Thank goodness that bill looks like the one from "Sandlot," kiddo.