Video: Kevin Spacey beats Rafael Nadal in ping-pong

Well, he won in the same way that a 5-year-old wins when playing an adult in Nerf basketball.

The tense match took place at this week's Laureus World Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi. Kevin Spacey, the two-time Academy Award winner, was the host of the event, while Rafael Nadal was on hand to receive the Sportsman of the Year award. During a segment early in the show, Spacey challenged the eight-time Grand Slam champion to some table tennis:

1. After Spacey's slow start, I was half-expecting him to go all Keyser Soze on Nadal and break out moves like he was on the 1971 Chinese ping-pong team.

2. Weird that Nadal didn't once look toward Uncle Toni for any coaching advice during the brief match.

3. Serena Williams was scheduled to play but withdrew at the last minute.

4. This was only the second-most awkward moment of the evening. In case you missed it, here's a picture of Boris Becker doing chin-ups in a tuxedo.

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