Video: Jeopardy's final clue was about tennis stadiums

The final Jeopardy category on Tuesday night was "Sports Venues." The clue, as you may have already guessed, was about tennis:

That's not an easy question. Unless you're a tennis fan, a huge sports fan and/or Australian, coming up with Rod Laver there would have been difficult. I polled 10 friends of mine who like sports and only two came up with the correct answer. (Or the correct question. I never quite get Jeopardy's backwards logic.)

Laura get props for even having a reasonable name to write down. (Somewhat reasonable: Lleyton Hewitt didn't win a Grand Slam until 2001, but at least he's a famous Australian tennis player.) And Jesse, of course, gets a hearty tennis clap for answering Laver. Alex Trebek, on the other hand: Did you really need to call out the misspelling of Laver? We all knew what he meant.

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