Video: Highlights of the instant classic Nadal-Murray match

For Americans, the timing of the ATP World Tour Finals -- smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend -- isn't ideal. So if you were out of town this past weekend, or busy hosting family or out taking advantage of the sales, you may have missed one of the year's greatest matches, the semifinal between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. (And even if you weren't doing anything, you could be one of those unfortunate souls who doesn't get The Tennis Channel.)

If you missed the match, here are some of the highlights compiled into an 11-minute video. If you did watch the epic three-setter, I'm assuming you've already stopped reading this paragraph and are watching it again right now:

A great match is one thing. A great match in a highly-charged atmosphere with a fantastic crowd is a whole other. London's 02 Arena is a perfect venue for the WTF (especially when Murray is in contention) and hopefully it will stay there past its current run through 2012.

But it doesn't even take Murray on the slate to pack the stands. As SI's Jon Wertheim put it, "when David Ferrer plays Robin Soderling in front 17,000 engaged fans, the event has to be doing something right."

Matches like this one don't hurt either.

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