Video: Fernando Verdasco and the best match point of the Open

The match-point winner hit by Fernando Verdasco in Tuesday night's fourth-round match against David Ferrer would have been great in any circumstance. But that it came after 243 minutes of play and after Verdasco was down two sets and 4-1 in the fifth-set tiebreaker -- well, that makes it all the more unbelievable:

There were two "no way!" moments on the point. First, it's amazing Verdasco even got to the Ferrer drop shot. As the replay shows, he stumbled a bit before the shot so he had to recover, get to speed and run all the way across the court to the net. Keep in mind, this came after four hours of intense tennis and three previous matches in the past week. Even watching the clip it's hard to see how he got there so quickly.

Then the shot itself. It goes around the net and falls in on the only spot it could drop in to be a winner. If Verdasco hits that shot 100 more times, he may not have done it as nicely.

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