Video: Federer and Nadal talk about rivalry in ATP promo video

Chris Chase

The ATP's World Tour Uncovered series stops in with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to provide an in-depth look at their rivalry:

• I think me and the ATP have different definitions of "in-depth."

• If you had "under two seconds" in the "how long will it take John McEnroe to mention Bjorn Borg" pool, you win.

• The ATP is doing a better job of producing web videos but still has a ways to go if it wants to catch up to the WTA (which has been putting out superb work for the past year). This short clip opens with Justin Gimelstob talking to John McEnroe, rather than the money shot of Roger and Rafa. Then it spends the last 40 seconds on advertisements. Seeing the two most decorated players in the game in the same interview is always interesting. Surely there were better soundbites or better questions with which to get better soundbites.

This was also posted more than a month after it was filmed. Why the delay? Wimbledon results in the 1900s made it viral with more haste.

• Still, we'll take any excuse to look at tennis stars in those ugly Oregon jerseys again.