The US Open Series slogan isn’t any good either

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

controversial Rogers Cup slogan was changed last week after cries of sexism. The slogan for this summer's US Open Series isn't nearly as bad, but it ain't good either:

The "It Must Be Love" slogan is a repeat from previous years and as those things go, it's fine. It's what's above that we don't like. "6 weeks, 10 Tournaments, $40 million." Why mention the $40 million at all? Is that supposed to have any impact?

Tennis doesn't focus on prize money as much as other sports (with the exception of the tacky check presentation ceremonies that still pop up every now and then). Whereas golf fans can tell you who's in the top 10 of the PGA money list and how , tennis fans would have trouble doing the same. Quick, how much has Novak Djokovic made on the court this year? What are Serena Williams' career earnings? Who's made the most money on the WTA this year? ($7.6 million, $32 million and Petra Kvitova, respectively.)

Is $40 million a lot? Is it a little? I don't know but now I'm thinking about it. That sounds like a good chunk of change, but without a frame of reference, it's just one of those big numbers that gets thrown around. Why draw attention to it?

The slogan says that it must be love. Which is it though? For "love and money" or "for love or money"?

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