The U.S. Open rain delay helps Novak Djokovic

In what is becoming a routine occurance, the U.S. Open men's final has been postponed and will be played Monday. Historically, rain has always played a huge part in tennis, sometimes affecting the result of a match. In Wimbledon, it's nearly part of the tradition and people don't even notice it anymore. In New York on the other hand, it's way more unusual.

Playing now on Monday will have two main consequences. In the first place, both players will get one more day of rest. Before, they were to play the semifinals and final back-to-back. Rafael Nadal rolled in three straight sets, but Novak Djokovic ended up being the winner of a tight fight against Roger Federer. This bonus day will be a real gift for the Serbian in order to recover a bit more. When you think about the physical task it represents to face Nadal, this change of schedule isn't a minor detail. His long semifinal match would have hampered Nole's energy against Nadal, but now that he has an extra 24 hours, it doesn't mean the final is even. It just means that on Monday, Djokovic will feel better and the match more balanced.

Secondly, postponing the final will make dealing with waiting even more important. Sunday, players were forced to wait and wait endlessly. Playing in the finals is emotionally tough. Since the moment they woke up, their minds were totally focused on this event, with the stress and impatience that go with it. Once they're in the place, they're preparing themselves; warming up and eating right and drinking fluids at the right times all fray the nerves a bit. When the rain comes, the wait and stress of not knowing what will happen comes too. All of this is hard to take. At the end, the match was postponed after a day of uncertainty, and on Monday, the players will have to do the same routine again. Luckily, the weather forecast is good.

Which one of those two players will be able to deal with it in the best possible way? We'll know the answer Monday at 4:30 p.m. ET.