Tomas Berdych lost a bet so he shaved his head

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Tomas Berdych made a wager with his coach at Wimbledon that resulted in the world No. 7 shaving his head this weekend.

He wrote about the wager on his Facebook page:

Bet is a bet.. [Me and coach Tomas Krupa] have made one in Wimbledon that if i take part in the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, win at least one title and 50 matches in this season, my hair is going down. Thank you all once more.

As a veteran of numerous hair-related wagers, let me point out two major flaws in this bet. First, Berdych shouldn't have had to shave his head after the ATP World Tour Finals. If the bet was just getting there, Krupa should have made him do it beforehand to get maximum baldness exposure.

More importantly, Berdych made a terrible bet and shouldn't have had to shave his head in the first place. He's wagering on the goals he himself will accomplish. When he met those goals, he should have been triumphant in said bet. So why is he the one who loses and has to shave his head? Berdych should get to enjoy seeing his coach cut off his hair, not the other way around. It's like Rafael Nadal betting Uncle Toni that if he wins the Grand Slam next year he (Rafa) will have to grow a mustache.

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