Teenager finally gets Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open shirt

Chris Chase

Melissa Cook, the 14-year-old tennis fan who had Novak Djokovic's shirt snatched from her hands at the end of the Australian Open final, will get her souvenir after all.

The mother of two who grabbed the shirt that Djokovic intended to throw at the teenager put the garment up for auction earlier this week. It sold for $5,877. The winning bid was put in by Melissa Cook's mother.

Proceeds went to The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a charity designed to help child victims of bullying.

Yael Rothschild put the shirt up for auction because she felt "abused and threatened," according to her husband.

"My wife has been vilified in the social media and by some traditional media as a result of misunderstanding over the shirt of Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic," he said. "Our home address has been broadcast on Facebook and this has led to personal abuse and even threats."

Except for the decision to donate proceeds to charity, none of this story is what you'd call uplifting. Rothschild grabbed the shirt that was clearly intended for someone else. The press, this blog included, rightly criticized her for that decision. Idiots on Facebook then took that too far and made threats. Then Cook's parents bought her the shirt, teaching the erroneous lesson that money can solve all problems.

Hope the shirt was worth it.

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