Stan Wawrinka steals Frank Costanza’s move, stops short (video)

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

While Marcos Baghdatis was busting racquets at the Australian Open, his opponent, Stanislas Wawrinka was busy stealing moves from Seinfeld's Frank Costanza.

Frank -- Where's your friend, Stan?

Busted Racquet -- I don't know, why?

Frank -- Because I'm looking for him, that's why. He stopped short.

Busted Racquet -- Well, what do you mean?

Frank -- On the court, with the ball girl. He stopped short. You think I don't know what that's about? That's my old move! I used it on her 40 years ago! I told everybody about it. Everybody knows! (Reaches out left arm, squeezes right hand.) Ooh, I stopped short.

Racquet clap to Deadspin

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