Serena Williams can’t believe that hot pink bodysuit got attention

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Serena Williams is shocked -- shocked! -- that her skintight, hot pink bodysuit got so much attention last week.

While at an event in New York earlier this week, Serena was asked about her comeback fashion apparel by People.  "Honestly, I just Tweeted a picture in the suit," she said. "I didn't realize it would go that crazy."

Honestly, I believe her.*

* Any time a sentence begins with "honestly," it ends in the exact opposite fashion.

I like when Serena is playful and mischievious like she was in Tweeting that picture. She hyped it beforehand on Twitter, undoubtedly enjoyed the three-hour stretch in which the sports media and her followers debated whether it was her or Venus in the picture (why else would she have used the third-person to describe herself?) and correctly understood that a bold fashion choice would draw infinitely more attention than a simple return to the court. It was a bold stroke of social media genius. There's no need to be disingenuous about it.

Serena also said the outfit had medical benefits. "After my hematoma, I have to wear something like a long bodysuit to keep my stomach warm," she told the magazine. I wonder if the pink bodysuit was covered by her insurance company then?

Don't think Serena's comeback is all about fashion though. "I think I'm going to come back casual," she continued. "I don't want to shock too many people too much. I want it to be all about my tennis."

Oh, come on, Serena. Where's the fun in that?

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