Serena Williams nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazine

Serena Williams will be one of six athletes appearing nude on different editions of ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue", which hits newsstands on Friday. Serena's cover was released earlier this week and, yup, she's naked:

Is the photo an homage to Farrah Fawcett, perhaps? The left hand, raised knee, upturned head and flowing curls are almost identical to the famous 1970s picture of the Charlie's Angels star. All that's missing is a runaway nipple.

Another similarity between the Serena and Farrah pics: They both look great. Compared to the airbrushed, plastic physique of fellow ESPN cover model Gina Carano (who is apparently an MMA fighter), Serena's natural body is a thing of beauty.

And a final kudos to the photographer, who evidently made certain that Serena's left foot stayed behind the line. Good decision, my friend.