Serena Williams will ‘never date again’ and other facts from her Twitter feed

Chris Chase
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Serena Williams held a Twitter Q&A with her fans on Friday, self-referentially dubbing it #serenafriday and answering all sorts of queries from fans. She spoke about her love of football, how excited she was to get her license and that she doesn't have a favorite movie. She also dropped a mini-bombshell upon the masses: "I will never date again," she wrote.

What did Serena mean? Is she not dating again because she's found Mr. Right? Is she so jaded from years of tabloid rumors of relationships with former Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington and rapper Common and child actor/singer Drake that she'd finished with the ritual? Or is "dating" an archaic term that insinuates sock hops and drive-ins and Serena doesn't believe that having dinner with a potential suitor in those terms?

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She was not forthcoming with that information, despite follow-up questions from fans. What else did we learn from #serenafriday?

• She likes the Australian Open better than the US Open.

• Serena has been to Ireland.

• "An 80s character named Ted" is Serena's dream TV role.

• She has no favorite movie.

• If Serena wasn't playing tennis, she'd probably be sleeping.

• Tennis is the only sport she plays.

• Serena is able to give virtual hugs to fans who ask for them. But just a hug only. Virtual dating, one would assume, certainly has to be a Williams no-no.

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