Serena Williams received mid-match advice from Venus

Chris Chase
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Serena Williams shook hands with Agnieszka Radwanska, dropped her racquet and then climbed into the seating bowl at Centre Court, trying to find her family. After a big hug with her father Richard, the patriarch of the most successful family in tennis history, Serena found her sister.

The two tennis greats, with 10 Wimbledon titles now between them, embraced. Except for some sweat on Serena's headband and fancier clothes on Venus, it would have been impossible to tell who had just won the biggest tournament in the sport and who had been watching from the player's box. They were both overjoyed.

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Serena later said that she received advice from her sister during a 20-minute rain delay after the first set. She revealed parts of the discussion in an interview with ESPN:

"[She told me to] stay calm, even though I didn't listen to her," Serena said. "But I definitely took that to heart in the third set. I said, 'man I can't get my first serve in," and she said, "well, just tell yourself you have the best serve.' That helped me out in the third set."

Serena matched Venus with her fifth Wimbledon title.

"I've always wanted everything Venus had," she told the crowd after the match.

The sisters will play in the Wimbledon doubles final later Saturday afternoon.

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