Serena Williams and Andy Murray have a karaoke date

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Andy Murray kept busy during Sunday's rain delay at Queen's Club but, ever empathetic, the British tennis star felt bad for the fans who were waiting for the match to begin. He began brainstorming some suggestions on Twitter for how players could entertain the assembled crowds during such delays. Interviews? Autograph sessions? Karaoke?

Apparently Serena loves karaoke like Leslie Knope loves waffles. If ever 140 characters could capture somebody's pure, unadulterated excitement, it was the above text. You can practically hear her mind racing. Serena's ready to go! She even has the machine!

It's probably not surprising that somebody who travels with their own karaoke machine, microphone and binder of CDs already has her prospective songs picked out. Serena tweeted she'd either sing "Did It On 'Em" by Nikki Minaj, "Dreams Money Can Buy" by Drake or, of course, "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA. (As suggested by Busted Racquet earlier this spring.)

Murray responded that he'd go with R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion," which isn't as predictable as singing Billy Joel but every bit as boring. Go with something up-tempo, Andy. Everybody loves a guy who can sing "Sussudio."

Novak Djokovic also said he's down for this theoretical Wimbledon concert. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a reprise of his classic "I Will Survive" from the 2007 French Open.

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