Serena thinks threatening lineswoman at ’09 Open was ‘bratty’

Two years after her threatening outburst at the U.S. Open, Serena Williams still has little regret about the tirade she directed at lineswoman Shino Tsurubuchi following a controversial foot fault call.

Serena was called for a point penalty on match point because of the tirade and lost the semifinal match to Kim Clijsters. During the tirade she threatened to kill Tsurubuchi and threatened to shove a ball down her throat.

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She spoke about the incident with USA Today last month:

"I don't think anyone should call a foot fault in the semifinals of a Grand Slam at that point, especially since I don't foot fault." [...]

"I became unplugged," she says. "What I did was totally uncalled for and unnecessary and you know, bratty and whatever. I apologized. But I told her I need an apology, too, because I didn't foot fault."

Different day, same bizarre disconnect from reality. Serena somehow believes that her actions were warranted because the call wasn't correct. In her eyes, anything that happened after the foot fault was acceptable because she had been wronged by the initial call. She's not responsible for the threat because the threat was provoked by Tsurubuchi. In essence, Serena thinks the lineswoman had it coming. It's the same nonsense she's been spouting since hours after the incident.

Being bratty is how Andy Roddick acts on the court. Threatening to shove a ball down someone's throat is miles beyond that.

Serena begins play at the U.S. Open on Tuesday. It will be her first singles match at the Grand Slam since walking off the court minutes after her tirade.

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