Semifinal opponents wear same dress to match

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

It's bad enough when two tennis players wear the same kit on the court. It's much, much worse when those two players have similar hair color, hair style, body type and other attire, and are generally unidentifiable during points.

That was the situation on Thursday night in Miami when Agnieszka Radwanska and Marion Bartoli met in a semifinal match at the Sony Ericsson Open. The opponents were dressed in identical turquoise dresses from their sponsor, Lotto.

Because of the score chryon that alerts viewers to the server and Bartoli's unorthodox movements, it wasn't impossible to tell apart the players. But every now and then you'd look away from the screen and start watching a point mid-rally and it would take a few seconds to figure out who was who.

Bartoli has worn at least three separate kits for Lotto since she signed with the company late last year. Surely they could have put her in something different for this match. (And as long as we're speaking in hypotheticals; surely they can come up with something better than that unflattering blue dress/skirt hybrid.) The women even wore the WTA patch in the same location!

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