Rufus, the Wimbledon hawk, was lost and now he’s found

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Rufus, a hawk used at Wimbledon to scare away pigeons, was returned three days after it was stolen from a car in London.

He and his specially-designed box were abducted sometime Thursday night from a car. (A car? He stays in a car?!) The box was found the next morning. Rufus was missing. For two days, Wimbledon officials and Rufus' handler searched for the harris hawk and tried to use the public to raise awareness. It seemed to work; sometime on Sunday, Rufus was returned to a national animal charity in London. He was found somewhere on the Wimbledon common.

His handler reports that Rufus is expected to return back to work later in the tournament.

What I want to know is whether the All England Club was overrun by pigeons in Rufus' absence. In the Disney film adaptation of the tribulations of Rufus (voiced by Stringer Bell using his real accent), a group of pigeons, led by the dude from House, take over the AELTC with a plan to invade a Wimbledon final featuring notorious pigeon-hater Ana Avionavic. They kidnap Rufus so he won't foil their plans. Can Rufus escape in time? With the help of a plucky young teenage star (Zac Efron), they'll either save Wimbledon or fly trying.

Rufus scares pigeons away from common areas at Wimbledon. He flies morning and night, but not during matches.

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