Roger Federer's Google Glass lets you see what he sees on a tennis court

Busted Racquet

Google Glass hasn't yet solved the you-look-like-a-hipster-nerd problem for its users, but at least it's getting non-hipster-nerds to give Glass a try. The view through their eyes is illuminating.

On a recent visit to Google's campus in Silicon Valley, Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg donned Google Glass and started smacking the ball around. While the resulting video has more "artsy" jump cuts than a double-speed Michael Bay film, the tennis shots are pretty impressive, giving you a sense of just how fast Federer has to react to volleys and just how much force he puts behind his serves.

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This is all well and good, but we want to see the wannabe pros wearing Google Glass. You know, slinging their rackets, smacking balls to the heavens, missing serves and smashing the ground in frustration. Bring us that, Google Glass! Perfection is boring!

[Via Mashable]

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