Roger Federer isn't so good at the whole nickname thing

For years people have been saying that Roger Federer is too boring. There's the perception that because he's often flawless, unemotional and predictable this somehow makes him unexciting.

I have always vehemently disagreed with this characterization. Greatness is anything but boring. Federer may be coolly efficient and his matches sometimes lack sizzle because of his domination (just like some tournaments that Tiger Woods wins), but this doesn't make him dull.

Nope, this video is what makes him boring ...

Oy. That's so boring that aficionados of paint drying dozed off.

His favorite nicknames are Roger and Rog? The first one isn't even a nickname, it's an actual name! And Rog isn't much better. (Maybe he wants to be more like Rafa.)

Shoot, of the six nicknames Federer gives, only three are actually nicknames: The Maestro, Federer Express and Darth Federer. Each of those is pretty good, with The Maestro taking the prize, if only for the Seinfeld connection.

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