Roger Federer doesn't listen to Anna Wintour's fashion advice

If there's one thing I learned from "The Devil Wears Prada," it's that getting ahead in your career is never as important as family. I also learned that you always listen to Miranda Priestly's Anna Wintour's fashion advice.

"Her opinion is the only opinion," says Stanley Tucci to a naive Anne Hathaway.

Despite being good friends with the infamous Vogue editor, Roger Federer doesn't seem to heed those words of wisdom.

During Federer's match on Monday night, Wintour was interviewed on ESPN and divulged that her favorite player fails to listen to her fashion tips. The 16-time Grand Slam winner often shows his wardrobe selections to Wintour, the last time being in Miami while they were at a dark restaurant. "I think I gave my opinion and he completely ignored it," Wintour said. "But anyway, he looks great."

Of course he doesn't listen, or else this never would have happened. Federer's current U.S. Open kit looks good, though, and could certainly have received the nod from Wintour.

The Vogue editor also spoke about how pleased she is that female players like Venus and Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapaova have embraced fashion and aren't afraid of it. "They've broken the rules," she said.

When she plays tennis, as she does most mornings, Wintour wears Prada Sport.

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