Roddick and Hewitt shoot the breeze during a bomb scare

A bomb threat at Queen's Club forced a ten-minute delay during today's much-anticipated match between former world No. 1 players Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt. It was eventually deemed a hoax. As you can tell from the picture, snapped during the break in play, everyone in the building was quite concerned.

From Reuters:

Both players, who have each won four singles titles at the west London club, stayed on court during the hold up and were seen exchanging friendly banter across the net.

I'm no security expert, and I'm sure law enforcement officials handled the bomb threat (a note tacked onto a wall that threatened a place in the stadium which apparently didn't exist) with the measures they felt it warranted. Still, it's pretty amusing that Roddick and Hewitt looked like two country club pros checking out the talent at the pool while taking a break from giving lessons when they were in the midst of a heated match interrupted by the threat of a massive explosion.

Roddick ended up winning the match, by the way. And I'm pretty sure they were looking at her.

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