Rafael Nadal prank called by French radio station before match (AUDIO)

Man, the French really don't like Rafael Nadal.

The six-time champion at Roland Garros was greeted with an early wake-up call by a French radio station on Tuesday before his first-round match. A host pretended (poorly) to be Nadal's hair stylist and was trying to schedule an appointment. Nadal calmly let the host know he got the joke and politely hung up after mentioning he had a match to play.

It's been a long time since I've made a prank call. (Do kids even make them anymore? Caller ID would seem to kill that rite of passage.) Aside from being funny, isn't the key to get the target to talk a lot? This French guy struck out on both accounts. Rafa, on the other hand, handled it like a pro. That's probably a good tenet to live by as a celebrity: When you talk, assume someone's recording.

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