Rafael Nadal played practical joke on Andy Murray with inappropriate text messages in New York

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

Rafael Nadal will be ending his 2013 season with the No. 1 ranking in both tennis and practical jokes on other stars after he pulled this fast one on Andy Murray in New York.

Murray was on The Jonathan Ross Show (video below) and told a pretty interesting story about a prank Nadal played on him when they were both in New York. Apparently Nadal is funnier than one would expect, and sent some sexy text messages to Murray while he was out to dinner with his girlfriend, Kim Sears, and Murray apparently had no idea who was sending them and got a little nervous.

“Basically I was sitting at dinner with my girlfriend and, during the meal, which I probably shouldn’t have done anyway because it’s rude to check my phone, anyway, I was checking my phone and I looked at one of the messages and it was from a number I didn’t recognize and it said something like, ‘Oh my God, Andy, you look so sexy tonight. It’s a shame you’re here with your girlfriend.’ So I obviously I didn’t tell my girlfriend at first I didn’t want to ruin the meal so I put it back in my pocket. Then on the way back from the meal it clicked who it was. He’d obviously been the whole time watching me from a distance looking at this message and seeing my face and also not telling me.”

I'm not exactly sure what clicked in Murray's head to tip him off that it was Nadal (maybe Nadal accidentally typed *grunt* at one point in the conversation), but it is definitely a good play by the Spaniard to drop a couple of inappropriate text messages to the current Wimbledon champion in hopes of spooking him.

If you've read Nadal's book you don't see a ton of comedy in there, but the guy is rich and famous and is around guys like Murray and Novak Djokovic more than he probably is his family so playing a joke or two on them is necessary to keep your sanity.

I'm assuming after the year and a half stretch that Murray has been on, with two Grand Slam victories and a gold medal at the Olympics, you can say just about anything to him and he will simply return your comment with a smile.

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