Rafael Nadal keeps winning despite a nasty blister on his left hand

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

If Rafael Nadal goes on to win the Australian Open on Sunday, it won't be the most comfortable win of his career.

Nadal, who took out Roger Federer on Friday to advance to his third Australian Open final, has been dealing with a massive blister in the middle of his list hand and it has really been a problem for the favorite to win his 14th Grand Slam in Melbourne.

During his match with Federer, Nadal called the trainer out to check on his hand and gave us this pretty gruesome image of that left hand that has been dealing with a seriously painful area right where one would hold the racquet.

How bad is it? Nadal mentioned before his match with Federer that he sometimes thinks he won't even be able to hold onto the racquet when he serves.

"With the forehand is not a big issue. With the serve, little bit. I feel that with the tape I can lose the racquet when I serving. That’s my feeling, no? The racquet can go. That’s a terrible feeling for a serve, because then when you have this feeling you are not able to accelerate at the right moment. You lose a little bit the coordination."

The serve definitely wasn't an issue during his win over Federer, with the 2009 champion of this event winning 73 percent of his first and second serves against Roger, but if there is one thing you could point at as a possible negative for Nadal on Sunday it might just be this blister that continues to be a problem.

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