Rafael Nadal’s $370,000 watch went missing after the French Open

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

The $370,000 watch Rafael Nadal wore while winning his seventh French Open title went missing from his hotel room hours after his record-setting victory.

Reuters reports that police were alerted to the missing watch by Nadal's relatives. No break-in was suspected.

Nadal has endorsed the luxury brand for two years and frequently wears the RM 027 Tourbillion during matches (it weighs just eight grams). He admitted in 2010 that one of the specially-made timepieces was taken from his locker in Toronto. The watches are lent to him.

Hmm, isn't that convenient? What if Nadal is actually an international jewel thief who worked hard at tennis, established trust for 26 years and then ran off with the pricey watch after breaking Bjorn Borg's record. All of this tennis stuff was a ruse. It's the perfect crime.

In other "Rafael Nadal is rich and famous" news, a charity auction began Tuesday that includes a 30-minute private lesson with the clay-court king. The winning bidder will travel to Mallorca (on their own dime!) for the lesson and then will watch Nadal take part in an hour-long training session. The experience is valued at $250,000. Proceeds will go to Nadal's charity, which supports socially disadvantaged youth. If someone pays for that using a watch as collateral, be wary.

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