Radio host tries to return an Andy Roddick serve, fails miserably

If you've ever watched an Andy Roddick match and wondered if you'd be able to return one of his serves, wonder no more. You can't. Or, at least, an Austin, Texas, radio host named Bobby Bones can't.

Bones and Roddick recently tested the disc jockey's assertion that he could return at least one of 10 serves from the 2003 U.S. Open champion. It did not go so well for Mr. Bones.

Even though Roddick had taken much off his normal 135-mph serves, Bones spent most of his 10 return attempts flailing around like Milos, the uncoordinated tennis pro from Seinfeld. The closest he came to making contact was on the 10th and final serve, which nearly hit him in the face. (John McEnroe would disapprove of such tactics, Andy.)

Afterward, Bones acknowledged that Roddick was the king while he was "the queen", to which Roddick responded, "that's an insult to all queens over the world."

And just like on the court, Bones had no comeback.

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