Protester runs on court with flare during the second set of the French Open final

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

There was an unsettling moment during the second set of the French Open that had most fans thinking back 20 years ago to a horrific episode with Monica Seles.

Rafael Nadal was up 4-1 in the second set of the French Open finals when a protest broke out in the upper section of Chatrier, and after getting broke by David Ferrer it was up to Nadal to serve for a 2-0 set lead when a man with a flare ran on the court, sending Nadal for the court exit before the man was detained.

No real news on what the man was thinking, but he had a flare and it was a very scary situation for a moment before he was tackled and the flare was extinguished.

Nadal was then forced to serve for the second set, which he did successfully, and it seems not even a crazed fan is going to stop Nadal from becoming the first man in tennis history to win the same Grand Slam eight times.

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