Picture: Serena Williams' provocative workout outfit

Serena Williams was getting ready for a workout on Wednesday and decided to Tweet a picture of her gym outfit, which she described as "nuts."

Oh, Serena. You've worn crazy outfits in the past, nothing could surprise us any more.

(clicks on image link)

I stand corrected.

That's quite a get-up she has there. Did she buy that from the Marilyn Chambers workout collection? Serena looks like she's auditioning for Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation tour rather than getting ready to hit the elliptical. And what's with those forearm gloves? Does part of her gym time involve arm wrestling Sly Stallone from "Over the Top"?

Let's give credit where credit is due, though. Of all the famous athletes in the world, only Serena could pull-off wearing an outfit like that. Though if she's ever looking for a less-revealing outfit, I know just the garment for her.

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